Shimano groupsets are the most popular in the world, and you really can’t go wrong with them when it comes to balancing performance and value. 

Best price for each Shimano groupset

In the table below we’ve listed the best deal currently available for each model. If you’d like to view all the deals available for each, simply scroll down and select from our list of mechanical and electronic Shimano groupsets.

ribble cycles groupsetsShimanosora r3000 groupset£282.99RibbleBuy
chain reaction cycles groupsetsShimanoTiagra 4700 groupset£329.99Chain ReactionBuy
chain reaction cycles groupsetsShimano105 R7000 groupset£379.99Chain ReactionBuy
ribble cycles groupsetsShimano105 5800 Disc£389.99RibbleBuy
chain reaction cycles groupsetsShimanoUltegra r8020 disk£692.99Chain ReactionBuy
ribble cycles groupsetsShimanoUltegra 6800 Caliper£699.99RibbleBuy
wiggle groupsetsShimanoUltegra R8050 groupset£699.99WiggleBuy
ribble cycles groupsetsShimanoUltegra R8000 groupset£764.99RibbleBuy
ribble cycles groupsetsShimanoUltegra 6870 Di2 Caliper£1389.99RibbleBuy
chain reaction cycles groupsetsShimanoDura Ace R9150 Di2 groupset£1399.99Chain ReactionBuy
ribble cycles groupsetsShimanoDura Ace R9100 groupset£1559.99RibbleBuy

Prices last updated on 17th May 2022.

Shimano groupsets in detail

Mechanical groupsets

Below is a list of all the Shimano mechanical groupsets available in the range. Click through to compare prices from all the biggest UK retailers, and grab a great deal.

weight TBC

A great entry level 9-speed groupset from Shimano. Perfect for winter bikes or those on a budget.


A great entry level 10-speed groupset from Shimano. Perfect for winter bikes or those on a budget.


Arguably Shimano’s best value 11-speed groupset. Great for crit racing and winter steeds.


The latest iteration of the immensely popular 105 groupset. Great for the budget conscious.


A great enthusiasts groupset. Hard-wearing and a great balance between price and weight.


Shimano’s top-end mechanical groupset. Seriously light and smooth shifting.

Electronic groupsets


Shimano’s most affordable electronic groupset. Great value for the cycling enthusiast.


Shimano’s top-end electronic groupset. Now superseded by R9150 so available at a lower price.


Shimano’s latest and greatest electronic groupset. Seriously light with superb shifting and braking performance.

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